Design Process and Tools

The design process includes the cyclical steps of defining the problem, exploring solutions, building ways to test the solutions, validating them/finding improvement opportunities, and iterating. Along the way there are many tools and techniques for facilitating design decisions. Below are a few examples of some of these tools.

User Stories 

User stories outline specific use cases that help the team understand the users needs and generate empathy with their goals.

User Flows and Site Map

User flows and site maps help identify a users path and major touch points. They serve as guides to help the team understand the entire context of the product.

Site Map

Site Map

Experience Workshop

Experience workshops are another way to build engagement and collaboration with stakeholders, product team and engineering when capturing a product experience. It also helps build clarity around end goal and come toward a middle ground.

User Experience and Agile Development

I spent the past two years at BitTorrent figuring out how to integrate the user experience design process with an agile development process. Find below more examples of my process.